Incredible Blessings

My God has truly blessed me! My son is back in the good ol' USA from deployment. It's Texas football season! Sic 'em Bears!  RG3 wears "kNOw JESUS, kNOw PEACE" T-shirt inside out, in my opinion to bring MORE attention and Glory to God and Baylor University is Ranked #3, Notre Dame #5 and Texas Christian University #12  in the nation.  WOW.  There is a stirring in this nation.

The further the Lord leads me into this musical journey the more songs and blessings flow. We are sending our information to every contact we can find and hoping to expand this journey all over the State of Texas and beyond.  Plans for the CD are coming around and songs are being finished.

HLE Radio is hosting a C4 - Crankdown Christian Country Concert Revival  March 27-29, 2015 in Jennings, LA with the following artists performing:  

Crossfire Gospel Band
Chloe Goss &  Made New
John Randolph
Steve Shirey
Epp Mevin Walls
Roger Barkley Jr
True 2 U
Marlon Sharp & Cowboys at the Cross
Adrienne Haupt
Peter MacDougall
Jayc Harold Band
Tim Chastain & 8 Days After
Kevin Lynn Woodall
Stacey Willcutt

That's right, you saw it, Kevin Lynn Woodall.  God is Good, All the time.  I hope to have the CD well in progress by then, but it is on God's time and in his hand and though I am not a patient man by nature, I am working on it.  Faith, Faith, Faith.

We have received a request or two for T-shirts and CD's, but at this time the resources just are not there for merchandise, however, we are recording acoustically at home, perfecting songs, melodies etc., and I am considering sending these to those who request them when complete for simple, one time cost of: "YOU NAME IT".  If you want one PLEASE contact us and let us know.  

"Better Man" is now on Youtube as well as on the videos page.  Thanks for a little additional motivation from Rusty Wilson.  

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